Refine Chlorine Filter Replacement Cartridge for Shower Head RF02003 (set of 3)

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 ECONOMICAL SET - set of 3 chlorine filter replacement cartridges. Suitable for Refine Shower Head RF02003.
 HIGH PERFORMANCE CHLORINE FILTRATION - each cartridge consists over 600 CLFREE-MACROBEAD™ made from Japan food-grade calcium sulphite. Extremely effective in chlorine removal.
 CHLORINE FILTRATION CAPACITY - each cartridge can filter up to 792 gallons or 3000 liters of water.
 ESTIMATED LIFE SPAN - each cartridge has an estimated life span of 1 to 2 months, depends on usage and water pressure. For best result, it is recommended to replace the filter every month.
 CHLORINE FREE SHOWER EXPERIENCE - chlorine free shower is beneficial for people with delicate skin and sensitive scalp.
➤ Model Number: RF02003-01
Each Purchase comes with:
➤ 3 x Chlorine filter replacement cartridge

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